LEAKWISE ® Overview

The LEAKWISE product line provides breakthrough Electromagnetic Energy Absorption Technology for the early detection and monitoring of hydrocarbons on water. Growing environmental concerns about our global water resources make LEAKWISE oil-on-water measurement systems critical for detecting and mitigating risk of water pollution events. Oil refineries, seaport authorities, water municipalities and power generation facilities are a few of the industries benefiting from LEAKWISE technology. Contact us for more information about how LEAKWISE systems can round out your environmental and risk plan. 

Capabilities, Features & Benefits

LEAKWISE oil spill detection and monitoring systems feature reliable, worry-free 24/7 on-line monitoring, and require almost no maintenance.
  • Regulatory compliance: Meets criteria for EPA regulations and SPCC criteria
  • Certifications: Certified for use in hazardous areas
  • Adjustable detection sensitivity: Immediately detect the presence of any type of hydrocarbon layer on water, starting from 0.3 mm. Will detect also oil-in-water emulsion.
  • Monitor the buildup of hydrocarbon layers on water up to 25 mm
  • Measure hydrocarbon layer thickness with accuracy in the range of 1-200 mm
  • Network multiple sensors to one controller
  • Alert facility operators of oil presence or thickness with visual or audible alarms and wireless messages
  • Control skimmers, discharge pumps, and shutoff or diverter valves with a remote or local relay contact
  • Simple installation
  • Reliability: Unattended monitoring without false alarms
  • Low maintenance and operation costs: Long term calibration stability, no parts or consumables to replace, minimum preventive maintenance
  • Adjustable alarms: User adjusted set points for alarms and controls per application requirements
  • Applications versatility: Suitable for a variety of applications with controller options to meet specific operating needs