ID-225 Data-sheet

ID-225 Overview

The LEAKWISE ID-225 Oil Thickness Sensor measures the thickness and monitors the buildup of hydrocarbons and other organic solvents on water. The ID-225 detects sheens as low as 1.0 mm and measures hydrocarbon thickness from 1-200 mm. Many petroleum and power companies use the ID-225 for early detection, warning, and control of oil leaks and spills in the following applications:
  • Remediation control
    • Monitoring oil thickness changes over time in groundwater wells to enable effective oil removal methods
    • Monitoring effectiveness of remediation techniques
    • Implementing automatic on/off control
  • Skim tanks — The ID-225 is inserted into a tank through an inspection hatch, enabling automatic starting and stopping of skimming operation with pre-set thickness parameters.
  • Monitoring oil/water separators — An ID-225 can monitor oil layer thickness build up in the separator without human intervention.
  • Wastewater sewer monitoring — Installing an ID-225 in the sewer near the process area will detect and control hydrocarbon leaks at the source, reducing the load from the treatment plant and preventing spills.