Principle of Operation

LEAKWISE sensors use a patented, high-frequency Electromagnetic Absorption Technique to detect oil on water. Each floating sensor houses a high-frequency electromagnetic energy transmitter and a receiving antenna which continuously monitor the liquid surface. Since water absorbs more electromagnetic energy than hydrocarbons, changes in the absorption rate of water indicate the presence or buildup of hydrocarbons.

The LEAKWISE sensors not only enable reliable detection of hydrocarbons, but also provide valid indications of the thickness of the hydrocarbon layers and the percent of water in oily emulsions. LEAKWISE sensors can also be used to detect the interface between any two immiscible liquids with different absorption rates. No other oil sheen monitoring system does this

LEAKWISE System Components

A LEAKWISE Oil-on-Water Detection and Monitoring System consists of a wired or wireless signal processor and one or more sensors, depending on application requirements. Click here to view a simple animation of how the system works.