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On-line Oil Spill Detection

Unlike the large scale oil spills from damaged tankers and ruptured tanks, leakage from oil pipelines, especially if it is small scale and cumulative, often goes undetected and unreported. However, such leaks, and the runoff from them, are in fact responsible for the vast majority of the shore contamination on the North American Continent.

That makes the use of online oil spill detection techniques important from the moment pipelines are laid down. They can be used for the assessment of the pipes and whether they meet tightness specifications, and to ensure that other specifications are also adhered to.

Even after the pipeline undergoes the initial checkup, it can face threats of damage and breaks, leading to the formation of leaks. These leaks can cause loss of oil and flow stoppage, incurring significant financial losses to their operator. Such Financial damage can include fines for failure to meet contractual obligations, environmental cleanup, product replacement and perhaps most importantly, damage to reputation. This makes it critical for him to seek to minimize such leaks by adapting better work procedures, equipment and maintenance standards.

However, it doesn’t really matter to the environment whether this is caused by lack of adequate maintenance, moribund equipment, intentional sabotage or even natural disasters. What matters is detecting the leak as soon as possible so remedial action can be taking.

Easier said than done, especially for underground or remote pipelines!

Fortunately, Leakwise oil on water detection and monitoring systems is uniquely qualified to offer the conscientious pipeline operator Continuous on-line monitoring with self-diagnostics.

Leakwise has a proven track record of long-term reliability – early detection of oil leaks or spills even if the sensor is coated with dirt or oil, or there are variations in water salinity, temperature, liquid level or liquid turbulence.